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RE: Mapi Sample Program
~Umberto Nongeroson 15.Jan.04 05:24 PM a Web browser
Notes Client All Releases Windows XP

I wonder what you want to achieve. Can you explain a little more? Anyway, I found this LotusScript test code. Note that MAPI has two meanings. It often refers to a limited API that is supported by many mail clients including Notes, but Microsoft also uses MAPI to refer to their proprietary Outlook-only API.

    Type CString
    (255) As Long
    End Type

    ' for MAPIUser..Class
    Const MAPI_ORIG = 0
    Const MAPI_TO = 1
    Const MAPI_CC = 2
    Const MAPI_BCC = 3

    Type MAPIUser
    As Long
    Class As Long
    Name As Long
    Address As Long
    EIDSize As Long
    EntryID As Long
    End Type

    As Long
    Subject As Long
    Body As Long
    MessageType As Long
    DateReceived As Long
    ConversationID As Long
    Flags As Long
    Originator As Long
    RecipientCount As Long
    Recipients As Long
    FileCount As Long
    Files As Long
    End Type

    Declare Function
    MAPISendMail Lib "MAPI32" Alias "MAPISendMail" _
    ( Byval hSession As Long, Byval UI As Long, message As Any _
    , Byval flags As Long, Byval zR As Long) As Long

    Declare Function
    AddressOf Lib "MSVCRT" Alias "labs" _
    ( V As Any) As Long

    Declare Sub
    PokeString Lib "MSVCRT" Alias "memcpy" _
    ( D As Any, Byval S As String, Byval N As Long)

    Click(Source As Button)
    sendto$ = {"Fredd Bloggs" <>}
    Dim Csendto As CString
    (0), sendto$, Len(sendto$)

    subject$ = "Just testing"
    Dim Csubject As CString
    (0), subject$, Len(subject$)

    body$ = "Hello!"
    Dim Cbody As CString
    (0), body$, Len(body$)

    Msendto As MAPIUser
    = AddressOf(Csendto)
    Msendto.Class = MAPI_TO

    Dim msg As MAPIMessage
    = AddressOf(Csubject)
    msg.Body = AddressOf(Cbody)
    msg.RecipientCount = 1
    = AddressOf(Msendto)

    MAPISendMail 0, 0, msg, 0, 0
    End Sub

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